Leak detection and repair


Leak detection in transmission pipelines is important for the safe operation of pipelines. The probability of leaks may occur at any time and location; therefore, Placella Plumbing and Heating plays a key role in minimization of the occurrence of leaks probability and their impacts. Today, there are many available assortments of modern technologies in the domain of leak detection. The Placella Plumbing and Heating provides the proper methodology to facilitate the choice of leak-detection system.

The Placella Plumbing and Heating deals with external methods based on external measurements, such as acoustic emissions, cable sensors, liquid sensing, and vapor sensing, and with some internal methods based on flow and pressure measurements in the pipeline; volume or mass balance method, pressure wave detection method, and analytical method were described. Additionally, the discussion of error sources and final conclusions are presented. Poor construction and corrosion and in many cases, ground movement can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. If undetected, the problem threatens property and makes repairs more costly.

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